Arranging A Funeral

In the course of a lifetime most people will only arrange two funerals.  From the moment of your first call we are here to give as much or as little help and practical guidance as you need.  In fact, many of the details can be taken over the telephone in order that a day and time for the service can be booked.  All payments on the day are taken care of by us and one invoice for the whole funeral is subsequently sent either to you or your solicitor.  We will discuss with you how many limousines are required, show you a choice of coffins and establish whether you wish to leave from a home address, our premises or meet at the cemetery or crematorium.

A full range of useful telephone numbers is available for local florists, printers for service sheets and venues for refreshments afterwards.   Please ask for details.

Arrangements for funerals can be made at our premises, call in at any time, or if you would prefer one of our experienced staff will call at your home at a convenient time to discuss your requirements.

Arrangements can be made by us for burial or cremation either in the UK or abroad.

Funerals can take place in either the chapel at the crematorium or cemetery, or we will book a church of your choice.

On your behalf, we will liaise with local clergy of any faith, or we can appoint a non-religious funeral officiant to take a personal funeral service of your choice.

If you would like to email us a brief message we will get back to you ASAP.
We have somebody in the office 24 hours a day to attend to your needs.

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